Why vote for Mary Ann Stewart on Tuesday June 27?

When you walk into that voting booth think about this: Who is going to listen to me? And who is going to fight for me?

Mary Ann has been fighting for all of us, on the local, state, and national level, on issues that matter—tax reform, revenue for education and transportation, protecting and strengthening public schools and fair access to quality education, job security and higher minimum wages.

She isn’t seeking to be our voice, she seeks to help our voice be heard. Mary Ann has been seeking better representation of the people through intentional engagement in her many leadership roles over two decades. Government is the choices we make together. That’s what government “By the People” means.

She has the most leadership experience. She can mobilize her state-wide networks to make policy change on the issues we care about.

With Mary Ann, you know what you are getting. She is running on her own 20-year track record—a record that demonstrates her dedication and commitment to progressive values.

It’s time for a fresh perspective in the State House. Someone who doesn’t think they already know all the answers and all the players. Mary Ann wants to hear from all of us, not just those with money and access. Her grassroots campaign shows us that.