• At any time, serious personal or family medical emergencies can arise for any of us.
  • Hard-working people shouldn’t have to choose between working at the job they need and caring for the family they love.
  • Paid family and medical leave would support families when they face a crisis or welcome a new child.
  • The current tax system doesn’t generate enough revenue to cover the costs of programs and services we most rely on.
  • State and local taxes rely most on those who can least afford them and less on those with the greatest ability to pay.
  • Our public structures and environment need revenue to strengthen and sustain our communities.
  • There is no support in Washington DC for addressing climate change.
  • We are not on track to reduce emissions across the Commonwealth, according to the Global Warming Solutions Act, which requires reductions in Greenhouse Gas emissions by 25% by 2020 and by 80% by 2050.
  • We need a strong, comprehensive energy policy in the Commonwealth that builds on work already being done to advance our green economy.
  • Our transportation network is outdated and falling into disrepair.
  • For people to get to work and elsewhere, and to compete in regional and global economies, we must invest in modern, clean, reliable public transportation, and improve our roads and bridges and safe way-finding for walking or biking.
  • The Commonwealth should provide a high-quality, affordable education for every person, from Universal Pre-K through grade 12 and higher public education.
  • To provide greater equity for schools and districts, we must implement the recommendations of the Foundation Budget Review Commission.
  • The METCO program needs increased support, as it’s also vital to the success of our Commonwealth.
  • We must protect access to healthcare and reproductive freedom.
  • The road to single-payer is long, but I’m convinced it’s where we are headed.
  • To make our healthcare system more affordable we must implement a single-payer system.
  • We need robust funding of key programs that prioritize citizenship for immigrants, including English and adult basic education, job-seeking support, health coverage, and domestic and sexual violence prevention.
  • We must stand strong on public accommodations for trans people.
  • Support for the “Safe Communities Act” (S.1305/H.3269).

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