Endorse Mary Ann Stewart for State Senate

A passionate activist and connector with extensive statewide networks; as our next
State Senator, Mary Ann Stewart will bring effective policy action.

What People Are Saying

Sandro Alessandrini, Chair, Lexington School Committee

“As School Committee Chair, Mary Ann oversaw a $100 million budget, and guided Lexington through the recession by focusing on child-centered, community-conscious budgets, without cutting any programs or laying off any staff.”

Judy Meredith, Meredith & Associates and Public Policy Institute

“For 20 years, I have watched Mary Ann strengthen and focus her values, her natural organizing talent,
and her capacity for honest hard work into a juggernaut for advancing social, economic and racial justice.”

Ruth Kaplan, Former Member, Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary Education

“Mary Ann is a principled thinker and a practical doer—the best combination for any public servant.”

Stephanie Gray, Immediate Past President, Massachusetts PTA

“As Massachusetts PTA President, Mary Ann gave careful consideration of viewpoints from all sides, while keeping the needs of our children and families as her priority always.”

Lizbeth DeSelm, Melrose School Committee

“Mary Ann Stewart has a long track record of advocacy for public schools. There is no one in this election I trust more to work towards safe, strong and equitable schools, or to bring about needed financial reforms to ensure our students futures.”

Tanya Gisolfi, Lexington

“For many years, Mary Ann has been our neighbor, a friend, and a passionate advocate for all Lexington residents. She has stood up in support of students and truly cares about people, regardless of background. She is someone who listens, concerns herself with understanding others’ needs, and does her very best to make certain the community meets those needs.”

Kimberly Hula, Arlington

“She has a determined attitude, and is known throughout the community as social agent and advocate who will get things done. Whether it’s battles over tax reform, revenue for education and transportation, or fighting for and on behalf of quality public schools, job security, and minimum wages – Mary Ann is on the front line.”

Bill Humphrey, former Governor's Council candidate

“Mary Ann is an experienced progressive activist (and past Lexington School Committee Chair)… There are so many issues to choose from, but I really appreciate her strong support for the Fair Share State Constitutional Amendment, and her advocacy for a strong, state-level climate policy (already required by law but not being implemented) in the absence of responsible federal action.”

Deb Zucker, Lexington

“Mary Ann has the experience in elected office & track record of effective leadership. She’s seems to really understand the complex issues facing our communities and puts in the hard work to get to know the people she hopes to represent. She’s a hard working, smart and progressive leader who will represent our district well.”

Judy Leader, former member, Lexington School Committee

“Regardless of the concern, Mary Ann has the ability to engage with, and solicit, comments from constituents, and she understands very well what is necessary to ensure that we all have a voice in our government. She not only knows how to listen, but also how to synthesize and incorporate what she hears and to help translate that into policy.”

Erin McNeill, President, Media Literacy Now

“Mary Ann’s ability to leverage her networks to connect people and organizations to our mission has been an invaluable resource for introducing and passing bills in Massachusetts and in states across the country. Her long-term commitment and creative ideas for this national education policy change initiative have been key to our success.”

Ed Dube, Lexington teacher, Burlington resident

“Whether it’s as a member of the Lexington School Committee or member of the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, I’ve found that Mary Ann has supported positions that matter in regard to what most teachers believe. Mary Ann Stewart is the right person at the right time. She has my vote.”

Paula Antonevich, Lexington

“Mary Ann has a unique ability to understand how policies affect people’s lives and she is committed to continue her support of children, economic equality, and push for results-driven initiatives of the opioid crisis and overdue infrastructure needs in Massachusetts.”

Mary Olberding, Register of Deeds, Hampshire District

“Galvanized in this year of Trump, Mary Ann Stewart will be a voice of fairness and reason. Mary Ann will fight to protect our rights. She has been a strong advocate for children and families as a member of the Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary Education. She has demonstrated her dedication to public service for over ten years as an elected Town Meeting member and School Committee member for the Town of Lexington.”

Kimberly Savery Hunt, former president, Massachusetts PTA; Plymouth School Committee member

“Mary Ann’s commitment to community and the citizens of Massachusetts is immeasurable. She is thorough and well-educated and will represent the citizens of the Commonwealth in an honest and fair manner.”

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